Group Lactation Classes

Hybrid group prenatal breast/chest feeding classes offered two times a month.

Join us in our office or from the comfort of your home.

Superbill provided for insurance submission

Prenatal Consults

Give your baby and yourself a head start for health and success.

One on one consults where we focus on you and your particular journey/concerns.

Accepted Insurance:
Aetna & United Healthcare


$200 out of pocket
(Superbill provided)

Lactation Support

From birth to back-to-work and weaning

We’ve got your front!

Accepted Insurance
Aetna & United Healthcare


$200-300 out of pocket
(superbill provided)

Purchase Pasteurized Donor Human Milk

Equally Expressed is proud to partner with Mothers’ Milk Bank Northeast to sponsor a dispensary for pasteurized donor human milk. Up to 10 initial bottles can be purchased without a prescription. Learn more through the milk bank or let us know when you’ll be passing by!

*Payment is provided directly to the milk bank through a link we will provide you. Equally Expressed, LLC does not receive any compensation for this service.

TLN Insurance Covered Consults

We have partnered with The Lactation Network to offer families insurance covered individual services. Through this partnership, we are able to offer qualifying families visits at no out of pocket cost to them. Travel and/or convenience may apply.

Currently accepted insurances through The Lactation Network include most:

Equity in Lactation Fund

True to our values, Equally Expressed offers a sliding scale for low income families through our Equity in Lactation Fund. This fund allows us to continue to provide reduced/free lactation services to community members. Because every family deserves quality lactation support, regardless of their ability to pay.


We are a champion for families during their chest/breastfeeding journey and help them reach their lactation goals, with a strong focus on the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community.


A diverse lactation field where every family will be able to get the support that they need, in the language they want, with understanding and respect for their culture



About Me

Hi! It’s me, Jess. I prefer to go by just Jess and usually don’t answer otherwise (because clearly they’re not talking to me if they’re calling me Jessica, right?). I wear many hats and am so proud of each of them.
My favorite hats: WIFE to a wonderfully supportive husband, MAMI to 3 active little boys (who love nothing more than to play with my teaching boobs and throw them around), and ADVOCATE for breast/chest feeding families, especially those of the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.

Human lactation is my passion. Educating, supporting, and helping families reach their individual breast/chest feeding goals is why I do what I do. I strongly believe that every family deserves the right to make an informed decision on how to feed their baby and to be supported in their journey.

My dream is that every family will be able to get the lactation support they need, in the language they want, with understanding and respect of their culture.

I can’t wait to help you along with your own journey!

Jess Pimentel (she/ella)

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