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The mission of Equally Expressed, LLC is to be a champion for families during their breast/chest feeding journey and to help them reach their lactation goal, with a focus on the BIPOC and LGBTQ+ community

About Me

Hmm what to say about myself? I wear many hats and am so proud of each of them.
My favorite hats: WIFE to a wonderfully supportive husband and MAMI to 3 active little boys who love nothing more than to play with my teaching boobs and throw them around…, and ADVOCATE for breast/chest feeding families, especially those of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities.
Human lactation is my passion. Educating, supporting, and helping families reach their individual breast/chest feeding goals is why I do what I do. I strongly believe that every family deserves the right to make an informed decision on how to feed their baby and to be supported in their journey.

My dream is that every family will be able to get the lactation support they need, in the language they want, with understanding and respect of their culture.

I can’t wait to help you along with your own journey!

Jess Pimentel (she/ella)
Founder/Owner, CLC, CBS

The Importance of Support

We hear it said often: “breastfeeding is the most natural thing in the world!” This is true, but it doesn’t always mean it’s easy! 
We all know someone who has said that they tried breastfeeding and it just didn’t work for them. My heart breaks for these families that WANTED to feed their babies with their milk, but weren’t able to do so. Too often, we find that the reason was lack of support. Lack of support from their partners, their family, their friends, their employers, and even their care providers. Support, or lack thereof, can literally make or break a breastfeeding or chestfeeding journey.
Join our monthly support group to receive support, learn how to ask for support, and to learn how to better support others as well. 

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